Today’s news from the Crypto.Cruspher 03-07-2024


 Today’s  news from the Crypto.Cruspher 03-07-2024

1 . IntoTheBlock: Ethereum spot ETF approval could have a more significant impact on ETH;

2 . The whale/institute sold some of the Ethereum environmental tokens it built at the end of May at a loss, with a total profit of $2.87 million to date;

3 . 10x Research: Long-term technicals, network signals and other Bitcoin indicators temporarily dominate bullish views on US elections and potential interest rate cuts;

4 . Deutsche Digital Assets Lists New Bitcoin Macro ETPI;

5 . Glassnode: Overall returns for Bitcoin investors remain high and more volatility is coming;

6 . The market value of the PoliFi sector has fallen more than 10% in 24 hours, and the next big event could be the election of Vice President Trump;

7 . Starknet Founder: About 400 million STRK are reserved for future airdrop rounds;

8 . Trading volume on the Solana DEX network reached $1.145 billion yesterday, overtaking Ethereum for first place;

9 . Paidun: In the first half of 2024, the cryptocurrency sector lost $1.56 billion due to security incidents and recovered $319 million;

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